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My dreads are getting really greasy feeling

By: Megg
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I have 2 month old TnR dreads and I only use pure water on them. but they are starting to feel really gross.. what should I do besides an acv/bs rinse?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/08/14 08:03:15PM @soaring-eagle:

wash with anything rinsing isnt washing if u havent washed in 2 months tharts why u can do the bs acv or use a dread soap but wash dont just rinse

Sharon Rio
05/08/14 06:33:30PM @sharon-rio:
Try washing with baking soda, I use about a tablespoon dissolved in a cup of warm water. Put in squeeze bottle and squirt a little at a time all around your scalp, rubbing as you go. It helps get you really clean without stripping your scalp of it's essential oils. I've only had locs a few weeks but used bs for a long time. Good luck!

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