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Questions for new locs

By: Meg4
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Hello all. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I have just begun to dread the bottom half of my hair. I'm quite excited and have read many articles and forums on how to create and maintain. But I will ask from my own experience.I have decided to redo my own locs that were made by this woman who's had hers for years. they were too skinny and literally fell apart today. I have done a few twist and rip dreads(that look an awful lot like braids) and backcombing dreads. I attempted to section as best as I could, but they aren't perfectly sectioned. Is that all right? They're quite frizzy because I haven't used any products. And to be honest, they seem to be very fluffy at the roots. Is this normal?I brought some sea salt home and drenched my new dreads in it. I hope it helps lock faster.When should I wash them with actual soap next? And should it be only the roots?Is it all right if I tie them into my bun? As I'm sort of obsessed with just keeping my hair up.Is it normal to have so many lose hairs? When I wet them today I noticed strands getting curly surrounding the dread.I appreciate the help guys.Love and light x
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/04/12 08:19:09PM @soaring-eagle:

yes its normal wash whenev er u want

u should scrub scalp then rinse thru the hair

sectuj9ning dont mater except for size

u nevef had to section or tnr or backcomb

be sure to rinse out the salt after coupee hours

if u have rubber bands in take em out

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