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only water

user image 2012-03-19
By: meakia miakinkoff-murzynsky
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My dreads are almost a month old, and the search for the perfect way to wash them has been a little interesting. Baking soda, and bronners both leave my ends slippery and they unraveled half way up my hair. So I have been using trader joes tea tree bar soap, which I like. But I wonder if I could just rinse with hot water and scrub. I tried it this morning and my hair seems to be a lovely yet natural texture, and it dried super fast, when I was using shampoo and conditioner it could take all night to dry, and now, even with some small dready bits it only took an hour. I might try the same with my skin. I am definitely not down with stinking though, so that I'll update on that too.

James Turk
04/15/12 05:33:04AM @james-turk:

I think I might try the water only wash for a while. Are you still doing it? How did it go?

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