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sea salt

user image 2012-03-06
By: meakia miakinkoff-murzynsky
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dread babies are 2 weeks old, I had bands on the roots and tips, but took them all out a couple days ago. I was nervous about washing today (I do about every 3 days) because the baking soda makes my tips super soft and they have been unraveling, I felt like if I took the tip bands off then the process would continue up my whole dread and they would fall out. So today I washed with baking soda, then some Dr. Bronners peppermint (helps with the itchies a whole lot) then after rinsing my tips felt slippery and smooth still, which is lovely if you aren't trying to dread. So I dipped my hair in a 2 liter jug filled with lemony sea salt water. They aren't dry yet, but I am super stoked, they feel like they will hold just fine. Yay for sea salt!

Tara C
03/06/12 09:57:05PM @tara-c:

I've seen lots of people say that lemon doesn't really help, but I dunno. Sea salt is definitely cool though. A lot of my tips are round/flat, and my dreads aren't mature yet but already take like 8 hours to dry :\ so God forbid I try to encourage the tips to knot up lol. But yeah, I think with the sea salt, you spray it on and leave it on for a bit before you wash your hair. That's what I was doing now and again based on what I read, at least.

meakia miakinkoff-murzynsky
03/06/12 08:05:39PM @meakia-miakinkoff-murzynsky:

oh yeah, and my roots held up too, I had been root rubbing after washing, but people have been telling me this leads to breakage,so no more, but after this wash they held together so no worries.

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