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meditation and visions? please read!

Nathan Warren
01/27/11 11:58:36PM
I would like peoples opinions on what i will describe to you, first a little background. I was sitting in my room listening to the Mahavishnu Orchestra with my eyes closed after smoking a bowl. I was thinking of nothing but the sounds going into my ears.
Now... I have had experiences with music that makes me believe music speaks to me (who hasnt?! lol). once i was paranoid cause i was high, through all of my paranoid thoughts and panic i heard one line of the song that was on the radio at the time. it said "its just my imagination...running away with me" after hearing that i calmed down.
so, there i was, eyes closed, music playing, thoughts suppressed. the way i was and felt, i think could be tied to meditation. after all, isnt meditation quieting your thoughts and going inward no matter what method? or am i wrong? then all of a sudden, i had a vision, I will describe it to you as how i wrote it down right after the vision was gone.
I saw a man, a hippie man, dirty blonde hair, shaggy, with a short beard and glasses. wore a leather coat with tassels, it was light brown. maybe a head band. he was leaning back on a farm fence with his elbows behind him on top of the fence. he had a big grin on his face, not a menacing one, but very friendly, happy. the view was at a partial profile toward his front right side. with fields and mountains in the horizon. then a face appeared very close to me, there was something on the forehead. was it the mans face?
then i suddenly awoke out of the trans i was in. the way i felt was amazing. my heart was racing, my breathing was heavier, i started to smile, i felt happy. I dont know if it was because of what i saw, or the fact that i saw something so vivid and suddenly, that i was shocked. it was very random. like i said before, i was thinking of nothing but the little notes going through head.
I have some of my own theories and thoughts about what this vision could be if it was anything. but i would like to hear your thoughts before i plant any seeds in your head. so please...let me know what you think.
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