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I have really thin hiar?!?!?!?

user image 2010-08-15
By: mauricio forero
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Ok so i have really thin hair and so i decided to just dreadlock my hair. I was scare that i was going to be bald! Since my hair was so thin i was scare that my hair would not dreadlock or that it would eventually just fall out. i mean it is genetics right? but any ways i did it and now its been 4 months. They are actually really locking but mostly cuz i been crocheting a lot. (not any more!!) I have 32 dreads, but between them theres a lot of visible scalp. My question is has any one been trough this problem and how has it turned out? Will my dreadlocks fall out or will they keep on growing and locking up? I would also love to know how to take care of a dry scalp?
mauricio forero
08/15/10 01:53:58AM @mauricio-forero:
thank you i am, im stoping for good! but where do i find the teatree rosemary? and where can i find the maylees bar?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/15/10 01:27:19AM @soaring-eagle:
throw away the crochet hook that will make the dreads too thin break all your hairs and give u those bald spotsleave em alone completely and they will be finedr scalp use the bs/acv teatree rosemary and cold cold rinse or the maylees bar that works well too just the cold rinse matters

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