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PROS/CONS of Vegetarianism

10/08/12 04:44:03PM

currently I am a meat eater....I would really like to be a vegetarian but family and friends are telling me its not as healthy as people think. But I really want to hear from the people who actually follow through. I mean is there a way to be a wrong vegetarian? Like is there certain things to follow? Or is it as simple as it sounds? And I know some people say we were meant to be meat eaters, and others say we were never meant to be. Some evidence that I found interesting was when someone told me to look at my teeth, and they said we were meant to be both. We have characteristics of carnivores and herbivores. I'm not gonna lie I do like my share of some meat, but I normally don't feel better after eating it. I do suffer from this condition called GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) and eating meat isn't looking like the best thing for me. But I also want to make sure that being a vegetarian is the right choice. So any help would be awesome :D thnx

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