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Day #4 of Dreading: slowly but surely.

user image 2012-06-24
By: Logan Probst
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Good Morning All!

Ok, so I intended on a photo every evening throughout my transformation....however, I simply forgot to take one prior to my socializing last night. So, today you are getting a Day 4 Morning Shot as I prefer to snap the photo at the end of each day. Here goes!




Logan Probst
06/24/12 01:16:28PM @logan-probst:

Thank you, I've read how you use the baking soda soak and I have decided to use that method at first and see how I like it. I have had very, very minimal itching and zero odor so I am trying to prolong the first wash/soak as long as possible- is that the right mindset?

As far as combining asseparating, when does that process start taking place? And how do yourecommend doingthat?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/24/12 01:11:39PM @soaring-eagle:

wash when u feel like it every 3-4 days is about right

if u use a dread soap carefully scrub the scalp only rinse thru the hair or u can use the baking soda acv soak wicjh is a no touch method

aloes good for like if u got a wedding and need to tame loose hairs

its conditioning so u dont want to use it on new dreads unles u really have to

next step besides washing as they form and dread they will try to combine so seperat6ing will be next

Logan Probst
06/24/12 12:56:37PM @logan-probst:

I'm pretty happy with my progress! So far, I have simply done nothing at all. What is my next step? For example, when should I consider washing my hair, etc... ? I discussed my journey to dreads with my hair stylist last night and she is inquiring about information/ tips for me.

I also have free range access to fresh aloe, I have read about how it is good for dreads but if you could elaborate/ point me in the right direction as to its pros and cons, when to begin using it, how to use it, etc...

Have an enjoyable and enlightened Sunday.

Much appreciation! :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/24/12 11:09:36AM @soaring-eagle:

considering your length..any change in just 4 days is fast...not slow but sure your going fast however when it actualy starts to dread that maybe slower we'll have to wait n see

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