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Anyone into Nu Metal?

user image 2014-04-20
By: L.D.50
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Just wanted to talk about it... I know it`s probably one of the dirtiest terms in music history after Glam or Hair Metal. Unfortunately, that happened in 2003 as Nu Metal had its big breakdown, including some of the most shittiest bands of the scene, which was created because of many emotional, honestly angry teens, also known as the "Generation X". Even though I couldn`t be part of this great time, expressing all that I am, at the moment, I learned to openly talk about my sympathy for bands like Korn (before they became sell-outs), Deftones, Mudvayne, Spineshank, Taproot and many more. I recognized that almost every Metal Fanpage (if you could call people "fans" who just criticise without having done any kinda research on the topic) has its "Nu Metal equal shit" blogs. The citics about the genre are obvious: albums which are released every year and are also pretty "clean" (in terms of original sounding...), bands who are simply annoying (pulling out stupid hits about girls, party and violence or just the "poor me" themes), ect. But that`s the reason why I wanna discuss the positive aspects. There you go...

04/21/14 05:49:37AM @ld50:

That`s pretty funny but I could tell that Nu Metal is nothing like the "traditional" Metal styles, except the Guitar and Drumming parts, the bass is more like funky. Overall there`s also no satanism, the topics are mainly about "normal" life and the shit we`re goin through, from time to time. Though, noone is forced to like Metal at all, I know that it`s a very controverse noise. Oh, thanks for yo comment...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/20/14 02:13:47PM @soaring-eagle:

dont like metal at all (no offence) never heard of nu metal or any of those bands except korn but dont know who korn are or what they sound like the only reason i know the name is cause i guess they have dreads so get mentioned here alot

but how much worse can it be then other forms of metal? with the phony satanic crap

i guess i shouodnt have replied since i know nothing about the genre since i avoid the whole scene altoigether

again no offence meant

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