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Dreading process has begun!

user image 2013-04-01
By: Laura Volk
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So last night, with my best friend, we did my dreads. It took us from around 10pm-5am. We sectioned, put the rubber bands in, then backcombed. I helped so we did two dreads at a time so it went faster than expected. Which I'm very happy about! She did an amazing job on my dreads, she's so great.

I'm worried though because the ones that I did, are not as tight as the ones she did. This might be due to the fact that my fine tooth comb was terrible. I tried re-doing some of them with her comb later on. It's very hard for me to get the back ones though without my arms burning after a while. My dreads are very funny looking but that's okay. :)

I had very ignorant comments at work about them. One kid even had the fucking NERVE to say to me that I looked like a "dirty slut" for them. What a fucking moron. I don't care if he doesn't like the style of it, but to come up to me & call me a "dirty slut"??? What NERVE!!! My manager told him if he said that one more time, he was going to be written up. It was so inappropriate. Anyway, another older lady I work with told me I looked dirty & another said it means I'm a lesbian. (I'm not.) Their perception on dreads is: you're gay if you have them, you're dirty, you never take showers, you don't take care of yourself, you do drugs, you are a rebel, you smoke & drink all the time, you're a slut, you're mean, you have to cut your hair all off afterwards, mold grows in the dreads, & bugs live in them.

It was surprising how dumb these comments were. & They only based these off of dreads that were bad. Like, I saw a picture of someone who has what they called "dreads" & someone who had good dreads & the first person who said they had "dreads" had a matted up brick-like sheet of hair. It was nasty. This was not dreads, this was a matted, scrunched up bunch of shit.



There is a difference between nice dreads & shitty ass dreads. First one is poorly taken care of shitty dreads. The second are good dreads. Very well taken care of dreads.

But the first one is mostly what the people that have been telling me crap about think of when I say "dreads." & That's just sad.

But anyway, that's what people think at work (some of them) & the rest love my dreads.

I absolutely love my dreads. They have turned out nicely! I can't wait till they mature & look much better though. I'm thinking about getting blonde extensions to match my hair & crotchet hook them into the ends to make my hair a little longer or maybe to just have more dreads all over. Either way, my dreads right now are perfect for me & I am very happy. I love this!

Sean Ford
10/29/13 06:09:50PM @sean-ford:

Hello. This is just my opinion. I think your locks are PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL just the way they are. I wouldn't get any extensions. I think in the long runyou'll be pumped that you grew them all with just your natural hair and you can show your ignorant co-workers how dreads form and maybe educate at the same time. Let them see that dreads eventually come together as they mature and nothing has to be done to make them.

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