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Diet and Cancer Incidence

user image 2021-10-07
By: KLandy
Posted in: medicine

Proper balanced diets are one of the key factors to healthy living. That is why, some individuals who do not take balanced diets are prone to serious health conditions such as cancer. To understand this issue it is necessary to discuss the dietary factors in cancer incidence as well as examples of carcinogenic and anticarcinogenic compounds. The paper also explains what antioxidants are and their role in fighting cancer.

Studies have been conducted that have shown that some following dietary constituents such as the consumption of alcohol, artificial sweeteners, processed and red meat, and caffeinated drinks can lead to cancer (Nix, 2013). Intake of too much alcohol may cause different types of cancers such as oral cavity, liver, colon, esophagus, and rectum. Artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, cyclamate, neotame, and others have been found out to cause cancer to persons who consume too much added sweeteners (Nix, 2013). Processed and red meat such as beef, ham, sausages, and other similar products also lead to cancer. Lastly, caffeinated drinks comprise of numerous mutagenic elements that cause cancer to human beings such as pancreatic cancer (Nix, 2013).

Carcinogenic foods are foods that are believed to contain some elements that cause cancer. These products encompass processed meats, soda, canned tomatoes, salted fish, non-organic fruits and vegetables, and alcoholic beverages (Nix, 2013). However, there are other foods known as anticarcinogenic that help in reducing the risk of developing cancer. These products include the following; leafy green vegetables, fresh herbs, and spices such as garlic and turmeric, sweet potatoes, and berries (Nix, 2013).

Antioxidants are the components that safeguard cells from destruction that is instigated by free radicals that cause cancer (Nix, 2013). These particles shield the body cells via intermingling with and alleviating the free radicals. Antioxidants include lycopene, vitamin A, C, and E, beta-carotene, and consumption of fruits and vegetables (Nix, 2013).

In conclusion, practicing a balanced diet saves one from contracting various diseases such as cancer. Dietary factors such as consuming cancerogenic foods like processed meats, caffeinated beverages, and other similar products can lead to cancer. Anticarcinogenic foods and antioxidants help in the reduction of cancer incidences.

About the author: Kira Landy is a young and dreamy girl, with many hobbies. Her favorite hobby is her work. She is a freelance writer at It is the best writing service with whom she worked. From childhood she like writing, researching and help other people. Maybe, this traits decided her choice in work. Also, Kira loves animals, she has a dog Lami, which is family for her.

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