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Congo Bongo

user image 2011-08-26
By: Kid Ayn Gibran
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One thing every dreadhead encounters are congos. They're usually very beautiful and organic...,but I have a huge beaver tail out of the back of my head. I haven't separated any of my baby dreads, but I'm not sure about the beaver tail. It dries slowly, it can itch sometimes, and I've seen pictures of beaver tail dreads and they aren't that great looking. On the other hand, they are completely organic and sometimes I feel like separating should be avoided. What do other people think? To separate or not to separate?

Tara C
09/03/11 04:36:17PM @tara-c:

I think it's just a matter of preference. If you want to separate them then separate them, but if you like the idea of completely letting them do what they want, then leave it be. I'll be separating mine, but that's just me

Kid Ayn Gibran
09/03/11 04:23:57PM @kid-ayn-gibran:

I might have jumped the gun on the beaver tail diagnosis. Its not that long hair is really matted. But the formation is definitely there. A large portion of the back of my head (8-9 dreads) is forming into one dread at the roots.

I wash once a 1-2 times/week (depending if I sweat) with Bronner's for cleaning . But I get my hair wet at least 4 days a week.

I don't have a camera with great detail I only have my laptop webcam. But I will get more pics up asap.

Trina Sandress
08/29/11 12:22:39AM @trina-sandress:

Well how big is the alleged beaver tail? Do you have photos. I would be cool with whatever happens with my locks but that's just me. It is a matter of preference. If you want to help it dry faster make sure you get out in the sun, get a hair dryer, blow dryer, or a huge rotating fan to dry it faster.

I have some really thick dreads where three have combined into one making them slower to dry. If I can't get enough sun for them to dry within the day. I have my rotating fan that I use. I just get my head as close as I can get to it. And it blows cool air and dries them very fast. For me personally my dreadlocks are not for looks. I am not looking to get a job at a professional institution so I don't worry about looking a certain way to please an employer.

You said it itches sometimes. How often do you wash your dreads?

I wish I could see pictures. When you say huge what do you mean?For the itching there are many remedies and ways of alleviating it. A very strong rosemary,spearmint,sage,and thyme herbal rinse could do the trick. Tea tree oil helps for some and so does peppermint oil for some. So just try something and see how it works.

There is a lot of info here you can look up as well.

But please let me see some pics of this beaver tail.

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