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Nine months into dreading, 13 weeks into pregnancy!

user image 2012-11-27
By: Kelsea Quick
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Just counted my nine month old dreads, and came up with a count of either 31 or 32.. Last time i counted them was probably at 5/6 months and there were 23! I didn't even really notice the new ones sneaking their way in, lol. Lots of loose hair popping up though so the count will surely grow with time. I have some fatties in the back that are probably going to be heavy later on, these are some of the other ones i let dread naturally mainly because i was too lazy to section the back of my hair while twist and ripping.. I twist and ripped maybe ten of them as an experiment and let the rest go on thier own. I've been lazy on seperating lately, but finally got around to it today. Also, i'm almost into my 13th week of pregnany (: Going down another journey in life and letting my dread babies grow right along with me.

Kelsea Quick
11/28/12 12:36:55AM @kelsea-quick:

Thank you, to the both of you! I have two step children but this is something new in it's entirety! I'm looking forward to takingevery step down both paths (:

11/27/12 03:47:24PM @ixchel:

woohoo! congrats on the pregnancy & your dreads are coming along :) I'm almost 10 months on my dread journey & 14 weeks on my 3rd pregnancy! hope to see photos & updates on both your journeys in the coming months <3

B likes Tea
11/27/12 03:05:30PM @b-likes-tea:

Your dreads are looking really great and congratulations on your pregnancy! Bringing new life into the world is a beautiful thing!

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