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dreadlocks shampoo

Talking Points

02/11/13 09:23:33AM

OK everyone. I'm looking for some suggestions. When aconsensusis formed on exactly what to include, we can make a new discussion with bullet points for each topic. Then we can write each write it out. As CzCacher already pointed out, good grammar and spelling is essential for the points to be taken seriously. I suggest writing it out in Word before posting it on Wiki to help with this. But that is getting a little ahead of ourselves.

1. The natural method and it's benefits.

2. TnR as the next best choice.

3. Damage caused by back combing.

4. The problem with Waxing.

5. Crochet as the worst thing for dreads.

6 Washing methods. (non residue, dangerous chemical free, BS/ACV, cold rinse)

7. Dealing with dandruff etc

8. Dread companies being out for your money as opposed to helping you grow healthy dreads.

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