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The Universe and the Future

09/17/12 12:23:47PM
I have many interests in the world of science, but one my favourites is the topic of the universe and physical reality. Of course, this is a massive subject. There are many areas including the fundamental laws, expansion of the universe, mapping of galaxies on the cosmic web, dark matter and dark energy, quantum mechanics and what is likely to happen in the future. The latter is the part I wish to discuss at present.In a book that I very recently finished, the author suggests that we are at the peak time, in the evolution of our universe, to observe where we are and where we came from. Taking into account that our universe in increasing in its rate of expansion, it may take 10 trillion years (if my memory serves me well) before all other galaxies fade from our view. This is because they will be travelling away from us, and us from them, at a speed faster than light. The light from these galaxies will become so red shifted that we will no longer be able to see them.If some future galaxy is to produce life, it is very likely that the civilisation that may result will have no idea that there are other galaxies out there. They will be, in their mind, alone galaxy. They will be in the same position as we were at the beginning of the 20th century, with no real way of telling otherwise.Some might argue that 10 trillion years is a long time, and this is true. However, it is nothing in comparison to the eternity that we could potentially spend on our island universes. Knowledge is not eternal and has the potential to be lost, so perhaps we should be encoding our data in a more concrete form. Maybe we could even send it to earth like planets when the technology allows and we have found them. I would suggest placing a satellite into orbit around the host planet. When the civilisation comes of age they could then retrieve the information and use it to further their knowledge of where and why they are there.Of course, this is getting way ahead of ourselves, but it's a suggestion, nonetheless. But, until we have colonised more places in space, our future is not certain. So, why not take part in this form of extra-planetary altruism?
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