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Is it worth it? I dont think so..

07/08/13 07:04:38PM

Though I am blonde my body hair is light brown. My legs aren't really that noticeable because the hair grows thickest on the inside of my calves and is generally pretty sparse. How my arm pits are a whole 'nother story, I have more pit hair than my boyfriend, lol.
My mom said if shave just my pits she will 'Embrace the dreads!'. I told her there was no point shaving when her love of my dreads would not be real, and she countered saying that it would be, & that she would even take me out to get beads and buttons etc..But it makes me wonder - if she could come to love my locs w/o my armpit hair, whats stopping her from loving them with?
I don't think its worth it. I've never been one for bribes.. Opinions?
Peace and love my hairy friends

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