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Karma Jane


Location: Fredericksburg, VA
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Found the NOW

user image 2009-10-04
By: Karma Jane
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Put your feet on the route that makes your soul wanna shoutFrom the top of the mountain when the world is down and out.I have no doubt that this is real now~~How could I allow a foul to come and cloud it now?I should take a vowbut I'm not positive howTo really pick the right words to capture the wow factor.The perfection of the Universe I must acknowledge firstFrom the burst of creation that opened doors up for these versesTo manifest from spiritJust so you can hear it.But don't fearJust come near itAnd endear it.Every year it just got harder to get any fartherWithout becoming a martyr for the values that I startedTo stray from anyway~wishing it was any dayBut the day that is today.I wanted yesterday.To open up tomorrowSo the sorrow of the now could fade to gray on time that's borrowed.I was waiting.. Waiting patiently on timeTo show me all the signs to get my mind on the right line.And time took it's time and it sent me on a tripThat was seeming like forever but was really just a blipI found the NOWI lost DESIREI shed the PASTAnd built a FIRE
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