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Karma Jane


Location: Fredericksburg, VA
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Manifest some Miracles!

user image 2009-10-04
By: Karma Jane
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You can be completely out of money but be richer than the Trumps. You can build a cardboard mansion in the center of the slums. You can get strung out on everything, or steal to have your style. Or offer out free hugs and be higher from your smiles. Fall in love with the love that you find in dark places and remember that love when you see those sad sad faces. Some sisters and brothers just don't have a clue what the power of love from inside your heart can do. ENLIGHTEN them! Remind them of the truth. Build our family spirit to protect us from the ruthless! Cause they're out there man! And they're looking for me! I feel it all the time, but I'm pretending not to see them because maybe eventually my mentality's reality will make them make believe. Cause seeing aint believing, you're gonna see what you believe. If you believe in your potential to manifest some miracles, then MANIFEST SOME MIRACLES! But be sure to keep it SPIRITUAL! The losses across the process come from shallow greed and heartless thoughtlessness.
10/09/09 02:46:55PM @izzy-licious:
Love this!

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