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Karma Jane


Location: Fredericksburg, VA
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Need me a tree.

user image 2009-10-04
By: Karma Jane
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I try to keep sublime but even I can hurt sometimes cuz the hustle and the grind somehow gets inside my mindWhen times get hard and tough, and all the help is not enough, on the surface it looks smooth to touch but the underside is roughThe creeping demons when I'm low are tag teamin on my spirit to break it when the baby is screaminI write a letter to her dad in jail to ease his sad cuz he's missin on his daughter but his letters make me madI tell him to stay positive but I'm finding out how hard it is to live his life and life mine too and keep myself from feeling blueIts TRUE its TRUE I'm feeling hateful, but I remember a time when I was feeling grateful, elateful, not shameful and blamefulI know it's my fault, that what I want is in the vault, and instead of meditating my mind does somersaultsI'm crying on the daily now, praying Rasta shows me how, to break these chains that hold me down, to smile more and burn the frownI remember finding JAH and then Babylon erased, but slowly Babylon has crept right back up in my faceI feel so out of place, I feel like the person I was is gone, but I know that's not the case.There was a time, when I manifested peace, I burned out all the hatred, and I let it all releaseMy cup was overflowing, my peace was ever growing, meditating on the daily, and my mind was ever knowingThat no matter who, and whatever they'd do, I'd spread the spiderweb, and enlighten them too.I would teach them, not preach to them, and they'd listen when I'd speak to them, but overtime the wicked leaked againAnd now its overwhelming, and my spirit is just melting, and I'm scared to be claimed again by Babylon illusion demMy youth is too precious for a system that's this vicious, and I'm feelin ever weakened by the condition of the systemI'm having the most trouble escaping this bubble that keeps me doubled over in my own shit and rubbleMy brain is retrained to focus on the negative, reading false to positive, and is shooting down my hopesI want to make myself a better life, rid myself of stress and strife, but I cant stop perpetuating twisting up my ropeI need help from love. I need selfless help from the light of above.I need to be reminded, I need to hear the word. I need to feel the sunshine, I need to hear the birds.Stand up tall reach your arms out for me. I'm about to fall over. I need me a tree.
10/05/09 03:50:08AM @diamondskies:
and the strength of your branches and trunk. You need the whole system to be strong!! This is beautiful!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/04/09 09:06:08PM @soaring-eagle:
no you already were a tree, you just needed to trust in the strength of your roots

Karma Jane
10/04/09 08:55:42PM @karma-jane:
aw thank you! i wrote this over a year ago though.. i found me a tree.. in ME! :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/04/09 08:32:20PM @soaring-eagle:
you got a friend, i'm always here anytime you want to talkhugs

hippie mama
10/04/09 08:02:45PM @hippie-mama:
so beautiful yet so sad

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