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user image 2009-10-04
By: Karma Jane
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"I WANT YOU!" ~U.S."I WANT YOU!" says a stern faced Uncle Sam"To fall prey to this wicked political scam.It doesn't matter who you are, but who I am.Everybody SILENCE when I raise my hand.I will confuse you and tell you that you NEED that brand.Forget the sunbeams! Pay money for your tan!Drive your SUVs and pollute this land!Through this nonsensical projected hollogram."It's so easy to believe you should just eat that hamEven though that life was desecrated at the processing plantAnd half of little Wilbur was turned into spamWhen we could have sustained hundreds on a garden of yams!But that's just not part of the plan!To be absolutely sure that your people can standAnd say "Uncle Sam, I am who I am!"It just doesn't fit with your ludacris scamTo put all the money back in your handBut I'm tellin ya what man...The shits about to hit the fanAs the people start to OVERSTANDThe amount of destruction in Iraq and SudanNot to mention the way you consistently cramUn-natural shit on what's left of the landThese automobiles forever stuck in traffic jamsCaused by defects in the roadway ALSO built by the manWhen they see a pothole, they just fill it up andForget all about what was there before handThey just add more and more, pound after kilogramOf asphalt and buildings that continue to standYet continually sink and erode into the landAnd it makes us some criminals if we give a damnCause it's treason to disagree with almighty Uncle Sam...JAH! I give thanks for the love you blessed my life withIt allows me to separate the truth from the mythAnd lets my naked eye see right through the mistThe inpenetrable fog lifted when I unclenched my fistRAS TAFARI KNOW that LIFE IS A GIFT!Every conscious moment is a chance to UPLIFT!!When life is JAH rhythm, RIFF after RIFFJAH! I give thanks for the love you blessed my life with.

Karma Jane
10/05/09 02:44:52PM @karma-jane:
wow thank you!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/04/09 02:02:53PM @soaring-eagle:
your such a blessing :) love youvery well saidi cant think of 1 blog post more worthy of being featured

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