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The AAP Reevaluating their Neutral Stance on Circumcision

08/21/12 05:10:34PM

The AAP is reevaluating their neutral stance on circumcision, and it looks like they will be recommending circumcision based on the Africa trials that found that circumcision lowered HIV risk by 60%.

Lets not forget that these studies, conducted by David R. Tomlinson the inventor of the AccuCirc device and the modified Gomco and Plastibell devices, were not only biased but very badly conducted. These studies were ended prior to the mens circumcisions healing, meaning before they were allowed to have sex again. On top of that, the 60% decrease they claim is relative decrease, not absolute decrease. The absolute decrease was 1.3%

The AAP task force on circumcision seems to also be ignoring the study that the US Navy conducted in response to the Africa trials, which found no association with circumcision and reduced risk of HIV and other STIs

It is obvious that circumcision does not prevent HIV and other STIs. If you look at Western Europe, where approximately 85% of men are intact, their HIV rate is 1/3 of the US's rate. If circumcision really prevented HIV, wouldn't our HIV rate be lower than Western Europe's, considering that 79% of adult men in the US are circumcised?

The AAP is run by money, and the less people circumcise, the less money doctors and hospitals make from performing the circumcisions and selling the neonatal foreskins to cosmetics companies, a multi-million dollar industry.

If the AAP does change their neutral stance on circumcision to a supportive stance, it is likely that the circumcision rate in the US will increase, violating the basic human rights of many boys.

If you'd like to do something about this, please join theAAP Circumcision Task Force & Letter-Writing Campaignon Facebook!

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