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Dread bead waterproofing

user image 2012-12-17
By: Jordan Toler
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Hey i recently made my own dread bead out of oak i think and am wondering after i stain it how can I go about sealing or water proofing it so i dont have to take it out everytime i shower
12/17/12 05:12:00PM @mons:
When I read the title, I thought it said 'dread Head waterproofing' and thought wtf why would you want waterproof dreads!?!?Yeah, what SE said, linseed oil. Google it for prices I would think.

Jordan Toler
12/17/12 04:24:58PM @jordan-toler:
Okay ill check it out, any idea how expensive that is? because i really only need it for one bead as of now. But Thank you se

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/17/12 04:20:24PM @soaring-eagle:

dont stain it or really waterproof it instead use linssed oil linseed oil treats it darkens it gives it a beautiful natural color while protecting it

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