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Maintaining Platinum Blonde Dreads

user image 2012-05-05
By: Joelle2
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Hi everyone! I am attempting to dread my hair for the second time. The first time I tried was about 6 years ago and I used wax. They were like little candles so after a month I combed them out and gave up.

I went to a friend of a friend at a salon who backcombed them for me - I am a teacher in a NYC school so I need to have them manicured at all times! I am 7 weeks in and they are starting to smooth out and are tightening every day! I'm really pleased with the progress.

HOWEVER, I started with my hair bleached platinum blonde, and slowly, some spots of my hair are turning GRAY! It's gross! I wash my hair 1-2 times a week and do not put any product in it (other than lemon juice occasionally) - I don't know what could be causing parts of my hair to fade and change colors. Has anyone else had this problem?

I am getting the roots re-bleached this week, but I was hoping to avoid bleaching everything again!

05/25/12 05:38:57PM @joelle2:

ACV rinse? I'm not sure what that is. I started thinking about it and I realized it couldn't be the wraps because I wore them long before I had dreadies without any problems.

I bleached my roots two weeks ago and so far, so good. I hope it was just some strange coincidence - or maybe something the locktician did that made it turn gray - but it's gone now! Thank you all for your help - I thought I was going crazy!!!

Lapis Angela Lazuli
05/09/12 09:15:36PM @lapis-angela-lazuli:
I was thinking, if the wrap is blue or violet base, it might be bleeding into her hair and toning it that way, to make it grey or white...You might be right, Valerie!

05/09/12 08:35:03PM @valrie:

Aaah, your wrap may not be color fast and tinting your hair. Are you also doing the acv rinse? If yes to both, then the vinegar might be keeping the color locked in a bit... it's just theory based on clothing dying. I know that when I dye cloth that you need to add salt or vinegar to the rinse to help lock those colors in. Also, I have some scarves and clothing items that are from India that are definitely not color fast and bleed when they are wet.

Lapis Angela Lazuli
05/06/12 03:35:57PM @lapis-angela-lazuli:
Maybe so! Is the wrap either blue, purple or green?

05/06/12 02:58:34PM @joelle2:

I live on LI so I have very soft water :/

I've been bleaching my hair for nearly 10 years without a problem like this... my friend is a hair dresser so I know it's not the toner.

Also, it appears to be graying most where I would wear a wrap so I'm starting to think it might be most associated with the fabrics I am wearing. Only time will tell I suppose!

Lapis Angela Lazuli
05/05/12 03:15:53PM @lapis-angela-lazuli:
Hmm... I don't know than. I have never heard of blonde going grey, unless you used wrong toner on your hair. Unless you are putting in very acidic stuff like lemons. But I saw that you really haven't used lemon, so I don't know :/

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/05/12 03:11:48PM @soaring-eagle:

onners wont rinse in hard water if its brionners try a residue remover like nyutragena anti residue to remove it then trythe soaps

05/05/12 03:08:15PM @joelle2:

I don't know... I've been using the Bronner's since September - and even un-diluted it wasn't a problem. I'm willing to switch that up too though, anything is worth a shot! Thanks everyone!

Lapis Angela Lazuli
05/05/12 02:57:51PM @lapis-angela-lazuli:
Maybe its the bronners... They made my green hair turn grey and sticky.You can Mabel try getting clarifying shampoo and see if that help.My favorite is Pravana but idk what you can find where you are.

05/05/12 02:08:56PM @joelle2:

Well we'll see if it makes a difference now that I'm not using it at all! I hope I can keep them blonde, but wouldn't mind becoming a red-head either :)

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