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Continue growing spiritually and my dreads of course

Jimmy DC
06/14/13 11:55:50PM

Hey guys this group has been a little quiet for a while and I am also to blame bcuz I haven't committed much time to this site in the last couple weeks. I'm about to end highschool on the twentieth this month and it's a weird feeling, and a day after I'll be going into this biblical & spiritual retreat thing which should help me grow more. It's a good way to start my summer, I was gonna go down to Jersey with a couple friends but decided to go to this instead because lately I've been lacking strong emotions and i'm getting a bit worried about it and what better way to solve it than prayer and gaining more wisdom as a Christian. And to explain myself a little better about my lack of strong emotions, I'll give a couple of examples: I got into Uconn like a month ago and when my sister sent me a text about it, I was just like sweet and my friends were more pumped than I was; I still have no idea how to pay for Uconn(stamford campus) but I'm sure I'll be attending and I got a call today from a lady about a schollarship of 5000 which I have to meet in an interview for because they have to choose out of twelve people, and I'm not really worried about it; Then like a week ago a bunch of friends and I went to do a nice senior prank on the school(which was legendary) and a couple of our cars got caught(we were doing it at like 1AM) and the cops caught 5 friends and I, and for some weird reason I was really calm and I don't think the fact that i was getting 'arrested' hit me or maybe I didn't care, but that just went really well and they 'unarrested' my friends and I because of an officer who knew us just literally saved us, and everything just went well; after that I'm volunteering at a camp for a week in three weeks with a bunch of middleschoolers for Young Life(christian group I go to) and I am not worried at all and i'm not nervous either. So yeaa I don't know i feel like I should be stressed or be worried or at least careand i do care but I dont have those strong emotions that I should be getting. Also high school is ending and It hasn't hit me yet. I'm not asking for an explanation but if you have a theory I would much appreciate it, but I just need some prayer just in order to have the strength with faith and to keep growing because I don't currently attend a church, I just get all my Jesus from reading the bible and going to Young Life and I don't think they have Young Life in Uconn(stamford) because it's just one of the separate campus with 2000 kids, so I was planning on starting one or volunteering in one around some town in Connecticut. But yeah just pray for guidance and hopefully somebody will read this and if you want to share something about yourself and ask the rest people in this group for prayer. Peace to ya'll

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