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barefoot in the head by brian aldiss

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/19/10 04:56:01PM
prerhaps the strangest book ever written barefoot in the head is about a wat, a war between the arab nations and the european/americans.the arabs develop a psychodelic bomb that bombs europe and america into the "stoned age" .after the 1st chapter, the main charachter a missionary sent to help the affected becomes afgfected himself, even forgetting what continent hes on. once affected the entire novel takes on a new post psychodelic fuzzy logic and a language all its own. its not an easy novel to read unless your willing to throw away all you ever learned aboit language and sentence structure and just drift off into a poetic flowing world of swirling nonsense that makes perfect sence .. as long as you just alow images to fill your mind instead of trying to understand the meannings of words without meannings.its a brilliant book that speaks directly to the times a sentence can run on for pages, or a poem be one simple letter...Ibetween chapyers are songs and poems often following a geometrical wordflow and the language used within typicaly consists of words that are not words but conglomerates of many words. often the language immitates the mind confusio of a total acid casualty stumbling along trying to put together coherent sentences .theres shocking imagery and a deep mind exploring storylone all wrapped in confusion and fuzzy thinkingi highly recomend this book to anyone whos ever thought outside the boxthe box is melted down refoemed into a sphere eatten digested reconsituted as an arrow that pints skyward but also pointing downwards too the sly beneath yiur feet becomes the path that once followed leads nowhere and everywhere ay onceit sucks words are incapable of describing this book..
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