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Location: Billings, MT
Zipcode: 59105
Country: US


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Love'll Set Me Free

Love'll Set Me Free

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new belt. :)
hanging upside down. :p
1 month. :)
nature walk
1 month. :)
squeeky clean :p
1 month. :)


12/22/12 11:09:37AM @jazzymomma:

u havent been on forever!!! gotta c some progress dred pics!!!

12/22/12 11:00:09AM @jazzymomma:

hello my dear :) good out look on ur discussion -peace b with u gonna check out the album and send friend request :)

check out this free spirit inspiring! i love it thought ud like this :)

Panterra Caraway
03/28/11 04:41:58PM @panterra-caraway:
Do you still want a tam Lovey? I am going to be heading to the yarn store to pick up supplies and I would like to get an idea for colors from you so I can include that in my trip. Let me know...Hope all is well with you <3

Panterra Caraway
03/25/11 12:18:25PM @panterra-caraway:
The tams are basically constructed in a series of circles...each getting larger. So, I can do each circle a different color if you would like. If you tell me exactly what colors ( I know you said sunset, but a sunset can have a million options!). I can arrange the colors for you or you can give me an idea of what you are thinking. You look like a small little thing :) so you would probably need a standard size (I can make them quite large for big dreads or big heads! LOL).

Panterra Caraway
03/22/11 10:56:42PM @panterra-caraway:
I can do just about any colors you like :) And I would love to make a tam for you.

Panterra Caraway
03/20/11 01:56:25PM @panterra-caraway:
Hi! I love the upside down pic and I pulled a copy off...thanks! I do sell my tams. I started off just doing them for myself, but soon alot of members asked for one. I have made several for folks here :) I charge $25, which includes the shipping. Thank you for liking them <3

Panterra Caraway
03/12/11 04:24:26PM @panterra-caraway:
Um, no real time crunch for is taking awhile to compile all the photos for the project. I would appreciate any pics you come up with! :) Happy trip! Contact me when you get back with something...thanks again. Namaste.

Kelsey Joy
03/08/11 02:04:56PM @kelsey-joy:
thank you jasmine!! and i know i cant wait for mine to mature too! is a timley process but im sure we'll both have beautiful locks in no time :)

Panterra Caraway
03/08/11 02:43:04AM @panterra-caraway:
Like the dreads in motion...swinging in the air, etc. If someone is jumping, dancing, hanging upside down...the dreads will be moving. :)

Panterra Caraway
02/20/11 11:49:32AM @panterra-caraway:
If you have any action pics I would love to see them...thanks to replying to the thread! :)

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