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Jaime Guerrero


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Back dreads need to catch up :(

user image 2011-10-18
By: Jaime Guerrero
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I washed them twice this past week cause i was playing football with some friends and also grilling up some burger's so they kinda smell lol so yeah and after that i got my krochet hook and tightened them after i showered just cause they're still at that phase where they seem to loosen up after i wash them. But most of the ones in the back are flat dreads, and some still havent came together, it'll be 2 months this thursday :D so yeahh still being patient with the back ones, and those will be more of like a "naturall/neglect" kind of dreads, the ones in the back of my head, mainly cause when they were backcombed they all didn't come together, probably because they were too short or whatever but it'll be kind of cool to see how those come out opposed to my backcombed ones. :) I'm also wearing a headband to hold them out of my face cause they wont go down lol I've been wearing a beanie to put them down, wich seems to be working :) idk

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