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Need a Traveling buddy to the North West of the US.....jump on my wagon :)

By: jahLotusSweetestLuhv
Posted in:
I plan on going to the West cost the end of June or beginning of July an I need a Traveling buddy , my first destination is going to be the Rainbow Gathering inWashingtonsomewhere in the National Forrest I plan on staying for that for a week or so then plan on heading south west to California for the Harvest season have some work down that way , so who ever I had with me could help me drive an help out with gas an what not ....anyone intersted an want more info, just contact me on my dread page.... :)
L-ray Sepulvado
04/28/11 05:03:17PM @l-ray-sepulvado:
i'd love to but i'm way over here in lake charles, LA.

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