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guess i should start off by saying hello!

user image 2014-04-25
By: jackson cobb
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Hello all you dreadheads. New to the site, but not so new to dreads. I have had 4 different "sets" of dreads in the last 7 years. First I tried the backcomb thing for a year, but they never felt right. I thought maybe it was the loose hairs bothering me (I was wrong) so I combed them out. I went on to a crochet set of dreads for a year, these felt way too uniform. Every time I looked in the mirror I looked like a stranger. So I decided to give the neglect method a try. I loved these locks; I felt like me. Sadly, due to some silly thoughts going threw my head after two years, I decided to cut them off without telling my wife (she was not too happy!!). That was a little over three years ago. About two years ago I decided to toss my comb again.
This site seems to really help with a lot of new dreadheads. Maybe I can help some of you, and maybe you can help me out. Granted I don't do much besides wash, and... well thats its! Don't be a stranger.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/25/14 05:38:48PM @soaring-eagle:

well your experiences will be a great help to many

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