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dreadlocks shampoo
Gingey Mcgingeginge
05/25/12 09:19:14PM

Sorry for making this a massive discussion and stuff but i really dunno what to do

Ive been really depressed for the last year and a bit for absolutely no reason,i cant think what it is as life is great,family is incredibly kind and awesome,my girlfriend aka my depression buddy is amazingly supportive and such,she has pills and stuff but i hate all that,id rather deal with it naturally,i just feel like i cant really talk to people about it,ive tried with my girlfriend but we cant really connect or relate depression wise as she has a reason and i dont,its weird,i feel like ive tried everything,long walks,happy music,sad music,meditation,even sex doesnt work strangely,but yeah,im kinda stuck in a hole,can youse help?

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