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1 week reflection

By: iluvblutak
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1 week ago, i realised my ambition to get dreads. My girlfriend of 3 years had just had intimate relations and run off with some other guy she works with, she dumped me by typing it over skype, thus delivering me a metaphorical kick to the crotch. This started me thinking. i would change how i live. i have always wanted dreadlocks, now i am a student and my girlfriend had gone i had noone to upset, this all magically coincided with my hair being about 4-5 inches long so i decided to give it a go. I knew what to do, 4 years ago i had helped my friend backcomb his hair to get them started, so i did the same. i spend a long afternoon quickly back combing my hair and then twisting it and fiddling with it. the next morning i walked off to my lecture at university looking like sideshow bob.
Now, i'm a biology student so there a a couple of people with strange hair but non with dreads. i was expecting lots of laughs, or faces of disgust as i imagine people might often recieve from the uneducated who think dreads happen when you don't wash your hair. However, i was greeted with smiles of admiration and i had people approaching me saying that it looks great despite them sticking up all over the place.
So, it's been 1 week, i backcombed last wednesday, i washed them in baking soda mix on saturday after playing a very long rugby match and have just washed them again today. as you can see in the photos i've put up... i have come out the other side of the sideshow bob look but i feel like they're starting to come undone and loose hairs are popping up all over the place. i stil play with my hair and make sure it looks presentable in the mornings (i sleep in a wool tam i crocheted a few days ago) before going to lectures. i dont know if this helps or hinders the locking process so hopefully i'll find out and as i have a 5 week holiday starting on friday (oh the hard hard life of a student) i dont need to worry about how it looks.
Thats my 1 week update, i shall continue documenting whats going on and i hope, provide some interesting and maybe even amusing reading for some lovely people in their moments of boredom.
stay safe lovlies x
03/17/10 01:40:14PM @iluvblutak:
yea, i've been reading alot about it and i now know i just need to leave it and it'll do its own thing etc, thanks for the advice, its always reassuring to hear comments from experienced people. thanks alot!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/17/10 01:37:44PM @soaring-eagle:
just remember backcombing is not dreading, it really has no place in the dreading process except to give the illusion of accomplishment (typicaly anyway, sometimes it does actualy give them a beginning) falling apart is totaly normal and your hair will dread fine wether u backcombed or not..during your break try not messing with em at all and i bet ysa see more progress

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