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wearing makeup ages you and destroys beauty

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/29/13 04:56:19PM

i had just read an article about a south korean girl who discovered makeup at 14 and wore it constantly for only 2 years without ever taking it off.

she just applied coat after coat trying to look "perfect" at all times even while she slept.

she was taken to a dermatologist by her family who urged her to remove the makeup

after removing the makeup age 16..her dermatologist had noted that her skin and appearance seemed to have aged drastically to the point that she looked 32

Doctors recommend women remove their make-up every night before they go to sleep, in order to prevent damage to their skin, but a young South-Korean girl chose to wear her make-up mask full-time, for the last two years.

20-year-old Bae Dal-mi first discovered make-up when she was just 14. You could say it was love at first brush, and ever since then, the young Koream developed her make up talents to the point where she became so dependent on it that she didnt want to remove it anymore. As she kept applying ever-thicker layers of make-up on her face, the mirror became the most important item in Baes life and she declares I wanted to look perfect at all time, I even slept with the make-up on. Shae wasnt satisfied with herappearance, and said she wanted to have plastic surgery in 10 different places.

For the last two years, the young girl never used make-up removers, so her mother, exasperated by Baes behaviour, contacted a TV station and told them Baes incredible story. During a variety show, dermatologists managed to convince Bae Dal-mi to finally remove the layers of make-up, and after a specialized check-up they found her skin was two times older than her actual age. All because of an obsession with beauty

obsession with beauty destroys beauty

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