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New baby?

12/08/11 05:48:28PM

Hi ladies, I need some feedback from people who's hearts are open... My husband, and our two daughters are planning to move to Oregon in a year or so. We live in Louisiana so it will be quite the move.... Both of us make around 11 bucks an hour so we are pretty low income, but we have always lived modestly so we don't really want for anything..... Well we had initially decided we wanted another baby and that we would wait until the move is over, we have bought a house, ect....... But my children are already 7 and 4 and I don't want anymore of a gap than there already is.... We have decided to wait six months and see where our finances are and decide if we should move forward with trying to conceive.... My family will not find this acceptable considering our low income and the fact that we don't own a home yet... I work for Whole foods which has a ridiculously awesome healthcare plan so that helps...I will also receive 8 weeks off for maternity leave and I will be paid 60% of what I make during that time... I just wanted some thoughts... I really want another child, family is so much more important to me than anything else....What do you guys think?

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