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Looking for advice on my Daughter and Her daddy's relationship

Shanxon Lemasters
11/23/11 08:45:12AM

So my daughter has always been a mommy's girl, from the time she was born she wanted no one to touch her or take care of her but me. As she's gotten older it's gotten worse, she is insanely shy (which is new for me as my oldest is very outgoing) even with family members she won't talk or love on them except my grandmother. The main issue is that when I am home and her Daddy is home she wants nothing to do with him, he has to fight to get kisses and hugs and snuggles from her, but the moment I am out the door she is all over him like she is me. I feel so bad when her Daddy is trying to hug on her or love on her in the mornings when she's in bed with us (like on weekends etc) and she yells "no" and scoots closer to me telling me to not let Daddy get her, I thought it was all just play at first but this has been going on for about a year now, it has to be crushing to him as he's a very lovey man with all of his children and always has been and for her to shun him like this, without reason, is just hard. Anyone have any ideas? I was wondering if perhaps she's afraid I might get jealous or something because she's only this way when I'm around....???

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