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HELP, 1 YR OLD BITER, daycare centre unimpressed HELP!!!

11/10/11 07:56:27PM

Hi everyone,
I have a problem, my one year old son is a biter, only recently started, and the daycare centre is unimpressed and are doing the correct thing letting us know, (due to apparent "DISTRAUGHT" parents) HOWEVER (yes the plot thickens) HE NEVER does it at home to myself, his father or his 3 year old sister, he did a few times, and we scolded him, letting him know it's wrong and hasn't done it since, AND the daycare also say, he's only doing it to the smaller babies, we give them all the necessary tools we feel are appropriate, Teething rusks, chew ring, toys he likes chewwing at home, Dummy etc, but we are not sure if they USE them, or not, his father pointed out the same teething rusk has been in the bag more then a week now, and there's no use of it, clearly being untouched.
we've done everything aside from telling them to give him a little tap on the hand to shock him into hopeful realization of it being sore.
They say as soon as they find out he did it they put him in a highchair for a time out, but if they do this, and he still continues to bite, I also think he sees the highchair as a food situation, so I'm not sure if he does it purposely to tell them he's hungry, or if it's just purely and simply teething.
My three year old was never this bad.

I'm going to find out this afternoon, if he does it again or not, and also try and find out the pattern of it, occurs before or after a nap, before or after a feed, or if it's priorly mentioned, purely and simply teething, or if there's a possibility it's frustration.

I'm not sure if maybe I should look into another avenue, like family daycare instead, being more interpersonal might help, otherwise, I don't actually see how removing him from daycare on a whole will help, as he'll have the capabilities to do more damage if I send him back when he has more teeth, and being kept out of daycare, it won't actually TEACH him, that behaviour is not right, therefore, there's every chance he can just start it up again.
I just find it strange that he's not doing it at home, at all now since he's been in trouble, but he's continually doing it at daycare, which begs the question, what disciplinary action are they taking, and shouldn't they already be educated in how to handle these situations? (and of course I EXPECT them to let me know, but they also need to be disciplining him if this is what they are witnessing, I mean REALLY, why am I paying them otherwise? to let him run rampant? I THINK NOT)

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