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not pretty

04/07/11 01:18:43PM

I have 7 kids, my oldest dd is 11 and youngest dd, Anna is 4. We have boys all ages in between- anyway- Anna is telling me that I'm not pretty because I don't wear makeup! We are unschoolers and I limit their tv intake somewhat as well as not being a huge disney princess fan, we have a barbie free home- WTH do I do here!? I asked her sister to investigate it some for me and she said that Anna said the same thing to her and that she also said mommy can't be pretty because she has locks. :o(

I have not worn makeup other than toenail polish or shaved in years.I know I'm not basing my self worth on what my daughter says, but I feel sad that she doesn't see me as pretty.



-unschooling mama to 7 in Santa Cruz

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