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Homeschool "melt down"

02/16/11 11:43:20AM

Hey Everyone... I dont know how many of you homeschool, but I really need to vent and was hoping someone would join me LOL!

I'm having one of those melt down days... My kids are doing what they are supposed to, so its not their fault. Really my problem is "self doubt". I live in NY and the homeschool laws are STRICT!

Sometimes I feel like I'm on top of the world, my kids are thriving and everything is going great. But then I have these days...I feel like I dont know all I should to teach them, and I really start doubting myself. Now I realize that I know my children best and am giving them what they need, its just these damn laws and reporting and on and on... Makes me CRAZY!!

I am by no means ready to give up and send them back to school...while it is temping at times..(especially like these days) I know in my heart that its not what is best for my kids.

Sooooooo anyone else have these days?

Got any tips on helping ones self keep these negative thought far far away??

Much love!! <3

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