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dreadlocks shampoo

dreadlocks and work

08/19/10 08:26:08AM
Good morning all!! I'm just curious as to what you lovely ladies do for work. Society tends to frown on dreadlocks in the workplace. It gives me strength to see others like myself moving with the flow of the Life River, moving gracefully beyond this obstacle. The last several times I've had dreads, there was much difficulty finding work - so ended up managing a smoke shop & bartending for several years...eventually seeking change once again - lost the locks a little over 2 years later, heard the grateful news of pregnancy and quit both. Worked at a local hotel front desk for 7 months until the final weeks of the pregnancy. Became a stay at home mama until the "great divide" between my daughter's father and I. Landed a few house cleaning gigs - and only used natural/toxin free products, most of them i had made myself. Decided that was my next step in start a Holistic/Natural/Aromatherapy cleaning service. I could take my daughter to work, work part-time and make the money that was needed. I was listening to the Allman Brothers for quite some time - and a particular song stood out *SoulShine*, which later became the name of the business. Safe for children, pets and the environment. My mission was to make my own products, available to customize with whatever aromatherapy the client chooses...i wanted to go above and beyond this and make my supplies eco-friendly. My path led me again to my roots of locks. The hoop buiness came soon after. In life you must do what you have to do for your child. Teach your children well. I often think of the phrase - it's not what you do in life that makes you the person YOU are, it's how you respond to these circumstances. Each of us has the choice whether we succeed in life or we fail. We must all learn to FLOW with the Life River and remember that there will always be another way. If you find yourself in a position where employment becomes an obstacle for you, FLOW--listen to your inner voice, open up your crown chakra and let the creative ideas flow into your mind and spirit. Your child learns from you, we must teach them consciously and kindly to FLOW with Life Energy - to remain strong through life and to trust in the UnIverse, it will always lead us in the right direction, we just have to believe.
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