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fighting UPDATE

hippie mama
08/05/10 12:39:17PM
UPDATE. i wanna thank everyone for their advice and strong encouragement to be strong.after writting him an email expressing how i felt and knowing he read it ive decided that if he wants to start then gauge and i are just going to go outside or to the park and let him have some him time. maybe this way hell see how often this happens and maybe see i really hate fighting and with us leaving and giving him space gauge wont see it and i wont have to cry anymore. i think this way to he can think to himself what really made him mad and itll be good for our relationship all around. i just really want to thank you all for being here for me and giving your stories as well. its been a really tough time for me and im glad to know i have friends on here to lean on without judgements. i really think this will work and im glad u guys gave me the idea so that even soon as an argument will start i can get gauge out of the situation.he deserves to be in a positive place. thanks so much ladies and even the men. i am so thankful for all of you beautiful ppl who helped me with this problem and anyone who deals with this situation to im here for you whenever you need me to be. it definatley gets pretty lonely sometimes. again i love you all
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