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would u eat meat if u had to kill it?

hippie mama
03/03/10 03:09:19PM
i myself am a vegetarian and i have no beefs with meat eaters. (no pun intended) but i was talkin with a friend yesterday and she was saying how she could never be a vegetarian or vegan and that she dont know how i could do it. i told her about the abuse alot of the animals get because theres just not enough regulations and i mean you cant really be an animal lover or an animal rights activist and work at a slaughter house ya know. i know there are cases were the animals are treated fairly but in the long run i think that is few and far between. i myself believe that if you see no problem eating meat then u should have no problem hunting and killing it yourself. myself and my beliefs and my families belief is that animals have souls and feelings. and as been stated on here before i dont see how ppl can love their dog and take it to the vet if its hurting or cry when it dies but then they can eat a peice of meat that they dont know if that cow was killed humanely let alone disregard that this animal has feelings and a soul as well. like i said its just my beleifs and i really dont want this to start any arguments with meat eaters but i guesse im just wondering how many of the meat eaters would still eat meat if they watched this animal die. if they would be ok with that. or for the fellow vegs out there is this the reason or one of the reasons as in my case that you decided to change your diet. i once read some where that part of evolution and part of distinguishing us as the higher race is compassion. but should compassion stop at the human race or should we have it for all living things that have souls and feelings? im curious to see what u all think
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