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neglect/natural and backcombing

hippie mama
02/05/10 09:05:11AM
gauges hair is coming along nicely im still glad i decided to go natural alothough since his hair isnt as curly as mine and i didnt backcomb it seems as though its taking a long time.the biggest diffrenced i would say was 1 that when i backcombed mine and johns our whole head was loosley dreaded where gauge has alot of dreads on the back of his head and the underside and alot of "normal" hair on the top of his head. 2. but the dreads that he does have are already really tight which since i backcombed mine that took alot longer to happen. so to me thats pretty cool. 3 alot om my dreads have split end in them from backcombing and im glad gauge doesnt have that in his. i guesse the only downside to the neglect method versus the backcombing method would be the time it takes for the whole head to dread. which in my opinion i say most good things take time right. Gauge loves his little dreads too. he like to hold them and play with them as i knew he would since hed always pull and tug and play with mine and johns. i know usually in families the parents teach their kids to do things the way they did them and since we did ours diffrently then the way we did gauges i figured id post the diffrences between the two here. so maybe another family can use the comparison to see whats right for them. on that note i would say that i would probably still backcombed mine but i would also still have done gauges naturally. one was isnt more wrong or right than the other they are just diffrent. the diffrences makes them unique. and being unique is important which is probably what has gotten alot of the members here to choose dreads in the first place.
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