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my family = my world

By: hippie mama
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lately i been realizing that john and i are doing really good on hardly arguing at all. we been laughing together more then lately and hes been way less stressed out. im just so happy that i got to marry a man who meshes so well with me and im realizing how lucky i am. i know alot of people out there have problems finding the right man and i just hope one day they can find a match to them as good of a match as i found for me. i think our secret is that we are such wierdos.. i honestly dont beleive anyone else would know how to deal with us and this is a reason we are soulmates. ive also been seeing that since johns been home more bcuz of the break between semesters that him and gauge have been getting a even stronger can really see their love for eachother shine. i just hope that it wont be to big of a change when he goes back since he will only be going three days a week next semster. its just so awesome to see the two people you care about most have this great bond and love for one another. i mean u hear these horror stories of dads not wanting to be around their children or running away from the responsibility and im just so thankful that my husband is a real man who will do anything and everything for his son. i know that even if soemthing happened between him and i (im confident that it wont) that he would still be the biggest male figure in gauges life. anyone can be a biological father but it takes a very special man to be a daddy. i just been taking a step back and realizing how happy and thankful for my immediate family lately i mean they arent just my husband and son they are the main two ppl in my life they are my two best friends and i know that we all would do anything for eachother and that no matter what nothing can come between our love for one another. i know if someone would try to hurt either of them i would just lose it. they are my everything and ive never seen such a loving dad or such a beautiful smart happy loving little boy in my life. they truly are my entire world. I LOVE THEM MORE THAN LIFE!
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