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well its official

user image 2009-11-10
By: hippie mama
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its official this coming summer my hubby son and i are all going to move to indiana around lowell. i really cant wait. its like a new beginning in a new place. i have heard that ohio is one of the most judgemental places so im hoping this might be a little better. i mean everyone has their good ppl and bad ppl though. im just glad that johns family out there are willing to help me out by watching gauge while john and i both can get a job. its important to me to not make my hubby feel like hes responsible ofr everything especially since hes going to college too, this way i can help with working and maybe take a load off his shoulders. anything for my family. i mean itll be an adjustment not being around gauge all day long by myself but i do think itll be for the better. plus my son will get to know his other more open side of the family. jihns mom is alot like me in the whole eat healthy stay healthy ideal. im just really excited about it and i thought id share.
Good Energy
06/01/10 09:52:40AM @good-energy:
Hey did you ever make it? I'm in Fort Wayne, IN. I use to not like IN at all but it's growing on me a lot. I have some beautiful friends here now and will be here along time. Let me know!

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