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recanting my earlier post that i wrote in anger.

user image 2010-10-03
By: hippie mama
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i just want to post on here that one of my later posts may have been a little misinterperated. the person who did bad things to me when i was a child has not touched anyone else and i believe its because of myself coming out about what happened to me. i came off really angry and i dont want ppl thinking that children are being hurt because thats just not the truth. i was seriously angry about finding out that hes having another baby because i selfishly wish that my own feeling about this person would rub off on others to see how angry it makes me. i do believe whole heartedly that he hasnt touched any child since i was a little kid. i can say this almsot completly for sure. i know i may have sounded really angry before in my older post and i said that her asking me what happened because he was acting diffrently towards him scared me into telling my family about what happened to me but i know that noone has touched him. and you damn well believe that my son is safe. i mean i know what its like so my kid doesnt get watched by anyone but my parents and my husbands dad because they wouldnt let anything bad happen to anyone. they are well trusted individuals and i know for a fact they would protect them just as well as i would. so i just wanted to clear all this up. and i apologize for whatever confusion and trouble was caused by my earlier angry post.i mean seriously besides how much i hate my brother for doing what he did that one time to me and as dumb as i think my sister in law is for staying with him after i told everyone what happened i mean she can be a good mom. given the hand she has been dealt with her past of foster care and abuse shes actually been a good mom and since ive told her about this ive noticed that when my brother is around she doesnt leave him alone with him. shes been real good with that. plus i mean im sure she probably doesnt really believe me to much about it either. i think shes realizing more now though that despite how much i hate my brother i still care deeply about my nephew and whatever this other child will be. but on the other hand of things they know that when he visits my moms house my son goes to my father in laws. he not aloud around or near my son at all. my son knows hes not aloud to be around him. but thats my choice. and trust me if i really thought that he hurt anyone else wether theyre related to me or not i would say something. thats definately not something i would just let go ya know. these kids mean the world to me especially my son. i promised gauge from the first day i layed eyes on him that i would never let anyone hurt him and even after i die ill make sure thats just what happens. hes my world. hes my life. and i couldnt imagine my life without him in it.i plan on writting more about this in the future if your interested. just how it is living with this in your head. how i believe this made me a more protective alert parent aware of all the evil around me. and how it can effect you relationship with friends and lovers.
Pranee RN
10/06/10 09:36:00PM @pranee-rn:
Anger is a normal and healthy reaction to injustice. It is a step that must be taken in the progression toward personal growth. Experiences such as these can break some but empower others. Be radiant!

Lacie Blaze
10/04/10 01:34:29AM @lacie-blaze:
I read your last post as well as this, and I must say I believe you're doing whats right. I've been in a similar situation, with a family member as well. Like SE said, you totally have a right to be angry. I think that making it known is the best thing you can do... not saying anything is way worse. Then its alot more likely to happen again. If your sister in law decides she wants to have 50 more babies with him, its unfortunate, but all you can do is make sure everyone knows what to look for. I wish you and your family the best.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/02/10 11:45:27PM @soaring-eagle:
how can u not be angry those4 things stay with you forever and it only takes 1 klil screw up to really cause a whole hell of alot of harmdont worry we all understood i think

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