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Why My Third Journey of Dreadlocks

user image 2012-12-28
By: ღHippie Loveღ
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In high school I had two sets of dreadlocks. My first set was backcombed I had them for One and a half years and my second set was all natural for two years. I havent had dreadlocks since February 26, 2006 and I have been thinking of doing my third set of dreadlocks since June 12, 2012 after my third miscarriage because of PCOS in which I didnt know I had until I found out that I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) on October 15-16, 2012. One of the systems with PCOS is hair loss this is where I was shocked and the only thing I thought of was doing another set of dreadlocks. I was not sure how my husband would think of me doing them in the first place, but it is my hair. This is why it took me so long to decide to do my last set of dreads. I know that my husband loves me for the person I am and if he really truly loves the person I am he will love me with dreadlocks as well. Now, before I was diagnosed with PCOS my mood-swings had gone downhill meaning a lot of out of no-where crying, arguments, happiness, sadness etc. you name it I went through it. I have been on an all-natural herb called Vitex known as Chaste berry since October 29, 2012 because I did not want to be on any medications and my doctor recommended the herb because its a natural hormone balancer and the PCOS is unbalancing my hormones. Anyways, since Im losing more hair each day than normal because of the PCOS its a perfect was of dreading my hair one last time and the more hair I lose the quicker it will most likely to lock than it normally will. Since I have started my third dread journey my husband has noticed a big change in my moods and my happiness along with the Vitex Ive been taking. I have been more myself so much more loving and caring than I felt in a long time. My spirit has lifted me up in a whole different way with this dread journey. When my family and I enter into the year 2013 I know its going to have a bigger and better future for my husband and son including my dreadlocks upon my head. Im also looking forward in my sophomore year in college going for my BA majoring Criminal Justice with my dreadlocks and how most of my friends will react to the new me and my dreadlocks when I return back to school in January 2013. If you made it this far Thank you for reading on why I started my Third journey of Dreadlocks.

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