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My first blog about dreads

user image 2012-05-31
By: Hiba J
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Hey! I'm kinda new to this whole dread thing. I've been interested in dreads for a long time but a few days ago I had a really strong urge to get dreads. So I googled and youtubed about people who had dreads and about how they got their dreads

Some people had extension, which I think defeats the whole purpose. I really dislike extension but that's just my opinion. Other's used backcombing and a crochet hook (which is the first thing I tried cos I thought it'd be the easiest) and then I found twist and rip (which at first I found impossible to do but now it's deffo the easiest)...and then I came across this girl who was ranting about her dreads being natural...:P - I didnt realise at first that people did actually just let their hair dread by itself. I thought this girl was one of a kind, so to speak.

Anyhoooss...that night I stay up until almost midnight watching videos and researching about dreadlocks. I told my mum I wanted dreadlocks and she told me I wasnt allowed them. I went ahead with it anyway. And (on I think it was the 25th of May) at midnight, after I had showered, I started creating my first dread! I backcombed, twist and palmrolled, for about an hour, before I got too tired. So I went to sleep and woke up with a tangled little lump at the top of my dread-to-be. I untangled it, watched more videos and crocheted for a good half hour, at least. I then tied a hairband around the topwhich I then replaced with a rubber band (I know, I know theyre bad for your dreads but I wasnt aware at the time. In fact, I thought they were necessary). After trying to make a second dread using that method, I gave up and tried twist and rip which I found so much easier! That day I made 5 but took one out because it was loose at the roots (I now regret it!)

The next day I made another one, but took that one out the next day as well. So I was then left with 4again. I now have 6! J For two or three days I tried maintaining it with a crochet hook but I gave up because it took too much timeand I was crap at doing it anyway - Ive also lost two of my mums crochet hooks and Im not looking forward to when she find out! xD

[So, lets end this! Phew, wasnt meaning for this to be so long!]

I keep thinking about going 'natural' and just neglecting my hair (which I have been doing, I havent been brushing or conditioning) but then I get too tempted and started making some - it's just so easy! ~sit at computer; twist, rip, twist, rip. Bored, have nothing to do; twist, rip, twist, rip~ xD

And I'm not sure whether Im going to do my whole head, because, Im not gonna lie, I like my hair and I have an over grown fringe and a top layer, then longer bits. My hair's not even eitherhalf of my head has more hair than the other (dont ask what style I got - God know). So I'm thinking Ill just dread the longer bits...but I cant even 'section' it...I find it too difficult. I dunno, well see how it goes. xD

Tell me what you think!

That is all for now! Thank you for this website, its very useful!

~Hiba :)

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