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6 week update - Heidi's Timeline

By: Heidi Jensen
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I know these things ordinarily go by the month, but well... me and ordinary don't get together that often :)

I got a bunch of beads to help guide things along... especially since I have quite a few strays... so they don't fraternize too much... Just have to remember to slide them a bit up or down so as not to create weak spots in the dreads

Gosh darnit... that damn neck part! Never really got it right... This is one of the areas that suffered the most losses at the Great Culling. Now there's kind of a giant gap there... Grrr!

Jamison Johnston3
03/02/14 05:33:05PM @jamison-johnston3:
Well they look great!

Heidi Jensen
02/23/14 11:15:54AM @heidi-jensen:

Backcombing. I like 'em fluffy ;)

Jamison Johnston3
02/22/14 06:47:42PM @jamison-johnston3:
Neglect method?

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