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most disturbing dream i ever had

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/22/13 04:57:28AM

last night i had a dream that was partialy based on real life events of the past

so to understand the dream i'll explain those events 1st

i had done 2 amazing projects in the past that changed some very bad people into good people

the 1st was working with rival gang members in a program called "youth at risk" where we forced rival gang memb ers to depend on eachotjer and see how the violence thataffect5ed them afected the was intence and transformed these young kids lives

the other was the lots of love project in a vey bad crack hood we completely transformed the neighbourhood for a decade

but it was the kidas we worked with most of all who were the subject of the dream

when we hgor t there these kids roamed the streets throwing rocks at random people breaking windows and although id never seen these particular kids with guns i had seen 10 year olds pull guns on randon people and rob them

but for the 10 years we worked with these kids they were beings of light pure joys really amazing loving bright kids

ok the was in the same hood as the lots of love in the same zsapot

behind the block where we were was a row of bombed out houses with walls missing

in the dream 1 of these 3 walled houses was missing the roof too and on the 3rd floor there were 5 or 6 women..they looked the part of crack or meth adics sunken features rel thin crazed looks

but they had our kids up there tied up

one after another they shot them in the head execution style

everyone who had worked with them were lined up below with a line of cops reporters and spectators futher back along the street

theese crazed women were claiming that these kids had killed thier children (presumable y before we met them and helped them become better)

i came in late and rushed up to the line of people who worked with them..i got the closest begging them to stop trying to explain that if they had done that that they are no longer bad kids etc

they fired a few rounds into the ground near me to drive me back saying anyone that tried to stop them would die too

out of the 15 or 20 kids there were only 4 or 5 still alive

the 1 girl..lala ..was only 5 or 6 at the time id last seen her prior to the dream she was 1 of the last few still alive i could see her begging me with her eyes to save them (they were gagged too)

and thats when i woke up

all day its been bugging me trying to find a meanning in it

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