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strange dream bout a futiristic society where ppl all wear masks

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/16/13 12:41:28PM

last night i had this strange dream it was like i was transported to this futuristic society everyone dressed in these strange outragious fashions all ynique and bizzare but what was strangest was they would wear these diferent masks i was getting to know this girl who had a mask covering just 1/2 her face and other 1/2 exposed she looked very pretty (the 1/2 you could see) there was a group of us hanging out at like a bar or coffeehouse like place

someone in the group (from my time) asked her "so whats with all the masks?" (some of them were whimsical others scary) and another in the group answered before she could "i think i understand, mits a social thing some want to be left alone so wear scary masks others want to be played with lr be playful so they wear comical masks" so i turned to her and say "so you want to be played with?"

she looked all offended and said "no thats not it, see the guy behind the counter with the dot on hos forehead?" i looked and saw a guy with horible skin conditions, his face covered in boils and zits and puss oozing sores. i said 'yea" she said "no not that 1' so i noticed another with even worse skin and she ssain no not him either..that 1 pointing to a 3rd with even worse skin and a hole in the middle of his forehead

it turned out that humans had poluted the earch so much that the air was acidic and radioactive causing the skin to rot so most wore masks to cover the worse damaged parts

they worse these outlandish and flamboyant outfits and masks in order to allow some attraction so the state of their skin didnt cause repulsion and cause an decrease in population

some like the guys behind the counter couldnt yet afford the fancy clothes and masks so worked meanial jobs in order to afford them

i said to her "you dont look sso bad in fact your pretty but i hope you dont limd id like to see whats behind the mask" and she curled up in my lap cuddeling with me like i was her chosen mate cause i wasnt repulsed

very strange dream

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