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epic strange dream

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/18/13 03:32:56AM

last night i had this crazy dream

i dont know if ill be able to explain it

but ok ill try

there were all these people living in this gigantic building they all dressed kinda bland just like grey robes (vague recollection of the events before a certain point)

i remember there was this older guy that was very abusive ..kinda evil

now this is the point i have a clear memory of it from

this older woman ..late 60s early 70s comes running up screaming he attacked greta and beat her to death

the woman she was screaming it to jumps up yelling he better attack me too ..or fuck that ill just attack him

and goes storming off

i k new something big was going down so followed her as other older women joined in till they had an angry mob storming down these stairs through crowded floors was kinda like an entire country in 1 massive building and all its peoples were severely opressed

then we storm into this room where the abusive old guys talking to what appeared to be like a group of russian cold war ara generals about world conquest plans sorta hitlerish

he turns as this mob of old ladies storms in almost amused says ok whats all this aboit

the 1 woman..the 1st 1 to gather everyone together the 1 that said ill attack him then says to him you had better not harm or kill any more of us (something like that cant remember the exact words)

he laughs and says oh/ what are you going to do about it

heres where jt gets strange

she yells punch as she throws a saggy armed weak punch..but stops herself short of actualy hitting him you could tell she was infuriated but still feared him so much she couldnt make contact and he looked both amused but also a lil scared knowing hed lost control and the masses were ready to rise up against him..even if it was just weak old ladies so far

then the whole mob of old ladies swarmed him..engulfing him in angry punches but not 1 of them connected hed backed up against the wall covering his face to avoid getting hi=t but still looked kinda amused and fearful at the same time

when the tallest of the russians (i guess they were rusian sorta reminded my of the type uniform anyway) moved to intervene 1 of the women said 'stay out of this and we wont be enemies we may even let you help us choose a replacement'

up untill this point..i wasnt aware of myself as a part of the scene i was more like an observer watching a movie

but then as these women were swarming him pummeling the air around him with noodle like limp flabby arms i saw my face pop up betwen them ..right into his face

my nose an inch from his

and i say your abuse and murderous reign ends now

and threw a strong punch..but stopped just short of connecting but enough that he could tell it wasnt a week feable punch knickes were like 1/4 inch from his temple..i was looking him in his eye the amusemesnt was gone

just froze like that for like 1/2 a second then completed that last 1/4 inch to just give a lil thunk into his temple

thats when i woke up

it felt like a message

but i have no idea why i dreammed it what it was all ablut

it had a very post apocolyptic feel to it

i think there was alot more to it before the part that i remembered so clearly

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